Application speaks your business. The application works fine – check, it does not crash while you pop some popcorns – check, it does show correct results and data – check, it cannot get anymore faster than this – check, does not keep showing “loading, please wait” message for next 100 years – check. Phew, finally your application is all good to go. But are we not forgetting something? Presentation or the visuals plays an equally important role in success of any business solution / application. Condition – it is not some high end, supa dupa background processing application. This presentation part can be different for each and every solutions coded out there. They may have glassy sprites and rich menus, some might be theme based. Some impress well using javascript or animation and so on. One of the Titanic times solution for desktop application to improve presentation quality is start-up splash screen. Application splash screen can be » Read more