If you are not using Glimpse to debugging and profiling ASP.NET web application then you are missing out on very useful stuff I must say. This NuGet package brings many handy information about your ASP.NET MVC application, which in turn can be useful and quick help to dig state and performance issues in your application. Advantage of adapting Glimpse is that, it can be used in production environment where it can be enabled or visible based on your custom configuration / conditon. Thus gives you power to analyse your production state without compromising or hindering your environment rules and constraints. You can install Glimpse from NuGet into your ASP.NET MVC application with Install-Package Glimpse.Mvc5 (because I am using MVC5 for this example). This installs three packages: Glimpse.Mvc5 (Current release is 1.5.3) Glimpse.AspNet Glimpse (Core) If you are using other version of MVC you » Read more