In continuation of Installing Ghost on Ubuntu, Nignx and MySQL - Part 1 Now that you have secured your SSH connections, it is time to put up a firewall to secure all inbound network traffic. Configuring UFW Step: Install UFW (Uncomplicated firewall - not complicated at all, promise) sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install ufw Step: Add rules to allow inbound SSH (custom we configured previously) and HTTP (on port 80) traffic. sudo ufw allow http sudo ufw allow <your custom SSH port configured previously> Step: Enable UFW and check status sudo ufw enable sudo ufw status verbose You can check if your firewall is blocking other ports except SSH custom port and HTTP 80 using PortQryUI on windows or just telnet on windows using Telnet client feature or linux sudo apt-get install telnet (just to be sure). Also you can disable serving ping request (ICMP) on your » Read more