THE IDEA "God's Own Machine" - Always loved this term, not sure who coined it but read it first from Scott's Blog long back. All right - back in Early 2014, I decided to create my own build (custom assembled desktop computer) and I came up with a build that I call "Triga". Follow the link for more details of it. Three years later while using Triga day and night, I started feeling to do an upgrade and create a better build to keep up with the new tech / gadget's trend. Plus, this one was dy » Read more

 Jsinh Final        

Say hello to my dream desktop or as Scott says - "God's Own Machine". It took a while for me to read, review, decide and buy the parts. Then some more while to wait until I am sure that I have not made any mistakes (being software guy I do make mistakes at times when it comes to hardware stuffs). The Idea: I have been researching and reviewing a lot of product and computer parts in last few months (almost 6). My requirement for awesome machine was simple (not that simple though): 1. It sh » Read more