Microsoft Message Queue is message based protocol technology that provides a way to communicate asynchronously in a distributed environment. Microsoft Message Queue is also known as MSMQ for short, code name “Falcon”. MSMQ is one of the best proven ways to engineer for developing distributed enterprise business solutions. It provides asynchronous and disconnected pattern of communication between different components of an enterprise application. Different application can work in isolation and can communicate or pass information to other application using this message protocol. MSMQ is service which manages queues. These queue stores message used for communication or to pass information. MSMQ is part of Microsoft OS from time of Windows NT 4 and Windows 95. It was introduced in late 1997 and become a part of Microsoft Embedded platforms from 1999. MSMQ is also called Message – Oriented Middleware (MOM). MSMQ Versions First Version 1.0 of MSMQ was released in May » Read more