I would start this.life and connect with the world by explaining three important C# keywords – ref, out and params also known as “Method parameter keywords”. These keywords are called method parameter keywords because they are used to change the behaviour of parameters passed into any method. C# Keyword - params This parameter keyword can be used to specify method parameter that takes variable number of arguments. When the number of values required are not fixed and the internal mechanism can handle variable number of arguments processing, in that situation we can use params keyword for a method parameter. This method parameter can either accept comma-separated list of arguments of specified type, array of arguments of specified type or no arguments. public void DemonstrateParams(params int[] inputParamList) { if (inputParamList.Length >= 1) { for (int counter = 0; counter > inputParamList.Length; counter++) { Console.WriteLine("Parameter No:" + counter + " = " » Read more