In this part of my sharing we will take a tour of the robust and user-friendly Message Queue (MSMQ) explorer provided by Microsoft out-of-box to manage all basic task related to message queue. To open MSMQ explorer navigate to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Services and Applications (Left pane) > Message Queuing or you can open the same by Windows + R and type compmgmt.msc. Tadaaaam. First look to MSMQ you will see following structure: Outgoing Queues Public Queues Private Queues System Queues Triggers Public and Private queues are the two types of queues you can create in MSMQ. By right-click on public queues or private queues folder item you can create a new queue. If you have installed MSMQ in workgroup mode, the public queue will be crossed out (striked out) as shown in above screenshot. On trying to open this item an error is » Read more