There are so many productive tools and packages out there that can be used for profiling an ASP.NET MVC application. While back I wrote a quick intro about how Glimpse can come handy profiling your web application. There is one more simplistic and quick way to start profiling load / execution time for your application routines using MiniProfiler. This little package is prepared by folks at Stackexchange and used for and other sites. MiniProfile's homepage shows quick way to get started with using MiniProfiler in your application. Following code snippet is required to profile a piece of code (not to forget MiniProfiler.Start() and MiniProfiler.Stop()): var profiler = MiniProfiler.Current; using (profiler.Step("Set page title")) { // Your code to profile } and you will see something similar to following when you load your application and run through profiled piece of code: {<1>} So if I » Read more