I was recently working with a sidekick thing where I was using MySQL as my backend database. This was accessed from the application with hostname - localhost and username dev. I had created one view and was using it in the thing I was working on. It was originally scripted like this: CREATE DEFINER = 'dev'@'localhost' VIEW somedatabase.somerandomviewname AS SELECT `sd`.`somerandomcolumnone` as `ColOne`, `sd`.`somerandomcolumntwo` as `ColTwo` FROM `someshitytable` `sd` WHERE sd.blahblah IS NOT NULL; One day I realized that my workstation is going crazy over few tools I use everyday. I could have repaired or fixed or reinstalled them but then I choosed to do a full cleanup and start fresh (for no particular reason). So I used MySQL dump backup feature from maintanance and created backup scripts for that database, which also contains the creation script for this view obviously. Once my machine was ready » Read more