Its never to late, recently I am seeing people around me who are misunderstanding NuGet Package Manager in Visual studio. Shouting Stop adding NuGet packages / library to source control First version of NuGet was release in January 13, 2011¬†and lots of things are changed since then. One of my favorite feature of NuGet is package restore. This particular feature is available since Version 1.6 release on 13th December, 2011. It helps to avoid adding source control memory consuming package files and folders and reduce over all size of my clean solution folder. Let me start with an example. I created a demo MVC 4 Internet Application, once created I went into NuGet package manager at solution level and updated all the packages installed by default in the MVC4 project template. After running the update, size of the packages folder in the solution folder was approximately 100 MB. This » Read more