Spams and scams are all over the web. You encounter them almost everyday in your mail box. The email services tries to stay ahead of those spammers and sheild us well but sometimes these spam mails manage to land in your inbox. Most of the time your get it - "Oh, thats a spam.. pfff" [Delete]. It happened to me too last week. Mr. Robert Adair from UK landed in my inbox with a business proposal that will make me rich. The email - Sub: details of my proposal‏‎ Body: My Company (TEVA UK LIMITED) here in the U.K demanding for Herbal Roots called (Eluin herbal roots). This (Eluin herbal roots) is combined with monosodium glutamate (MSG) for the production of a vaccine called HYALURONICŽInjectable by this company and distributed as part of foreign aid to Countries in War and Refugee camps throughout the world under the » Read more