I am using DigitalOcean for hosting my Ghost blog. Any instance of hosting in DigitalOcean environment are called Droplets (wonder why?). Mostly setting up a Ghost blog in DigitalOcean environment is pretty much easy. But after few days I realized that the setup is good enough for 'getting up and running' and I had to fiddle and fix many thing to reach my satisfactory goals. Offcourse I give full credits to all articles and knowledge-base provied by DigitalOcean team. Things that makes me write up this lengthy post: Ghost ready droplet gives only basic setup of Ghost. Had to add more steps to secure my droplet to some extent. Wanted to host Ghost with MySQL instead of Sqlite3. Setup Ghost instance in a way so that I can add more Ghost instances or other websites in same droplet. I have divided this process into three part (this is Part 1 » Read more