Using a virtulization platform is a common thing these days, unless you still build things on your grandma's machine. Cloud computing is application of this feature to bring unlimited options, power, scalability and flexibility to your business. But we use virtulization for developement too, a lot I say. Few big guns that makes their way in your environment are: Virtual Box Hyper-V Vmware I have been using Virtual Box since last 3 years now, everyday and it is open source and totally awesome, you won't regret. Hyper-V is already there as a component in your Windows 8 or 2012 machine. I gave it a shot for few months but was disappointed by the limited support for virtualizing non-windows systems. I won't say it sucks but I expected a lot more. Best choice for virtualizing windows machines though. VMWare is the paid virtualization solution and every penny spent is worth the » Read more