If you open your web.config at root of your MVC project you will find bunch of default appsetting keys added by MVC or WebAPI. One of the appsetting with key webpapges:Enabled is added which as default value as false. So what is the deal with this appsetting? To find out the answer to this simple question I started searching ASP.NET WebStack codebase on codeplex. This appsetting is processed by the System.Web.WebPages.Deployment - WebPagesDeployment.cs code. Dry-running the code base I got answer to my query. Three possibility for the appsetting - webpages:Enabled: Key - value not added at all or not having a valid boolean value. Key - value added and set to false. Key - value added and set to true. Case 1: In this case when PreApplicationStartCode > Start method is called which in turn calls > StartCore which internaly checks » Read more