A soldier have his gun, a writer have pen and sailor have his boat. A person who spends most of his time in front of a machine or computer has his tools. Everyone who uses computer to work or for entertainment has a set of tools he or she cannot live without (metaphorically ofcourse). A bond you share, like Barney and Clyde that empowers you in what you do.

So without any further jibbar-jabbar I share list of tools and software I have either purchased or use for free or manage to use trial version. Hope you can may too like them.

*Last updated @ 24th March 2014


  • Audacity (free) - Simple Audio Editor and Recorder for anything.
  • Amazon Kindle for PC - I love to read on this reader app.
  • Windows Live Writer - Fully featured blog writing application I cannot survive without.
    (*Migrated to Ghost blogging platform which has modern, user-friendly and quite productive editer for your blog needs, recommended)
  • CCleaner - To clean up all those lousy temp files eating my harddisk slowly.
  • VLC media Player - for movies and stuffs.
  • iTunes for PC - for my iPhone 5S (64GB) and iPod Touch 6th Generation.
  • Skype - To connect with friends, colleagues, family and few clients.
  • TeamViewer - Desktop sharing and collaboration.
  • Snag It (trial) - for screen captures or Print Screen most of the time.
  • Oracle VM VirtualBox - to manage my virtual machines and setup. (VM created with any OS is only used for non-profit research and learning purposes)
  • uTorrent - Tiny bittorrent client.

Cloud Services

  • Dropbox - If you say, I don't know what it is, then you can talk to the hand.
  • OneDrive (or Skydrive) - Backup to my dropbox and other important stuffs.
  • Google Drive - Also for backup and to access stuffs from place which we do not take name of.

Technical stuffs