Build the future: Learn coding, ask about coding class at your school

Yes we use software, computers and electronic everywhere around us. The world is changing and it is guided by the innovations and great ideas laid by young and old minds in Information technology. But even if you are not connected to this part of process, it still helps if you learn to code.

In school we are taught about how a human body works, how many layers are there in earth's crust, what makes the earth's atmosphere, how can you compute prime number, when did the first world war started. I should not bother to learn about the time when first world war started or what makes the earth atmosphere as I am not going to be an Environment person or join politics. But we still learn it because this builds our foundation in real world. We connect well using this information and knowledge with fellow earth living thing.

With the increasing use of devices, gadgets and software, we should also learn on how it works or what are the basics about how they are made, developed. It is not important if you are going to be farmer or DJ or run for Mayors. This increases the intellectual skills to the new world that is building rapidly around us.

I totally support the motion:

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