Stop Slumdog Blogging

What is wrong with you people?

Slumdog blogging? Seriously? says Slumdog is –

Basically a poor kid coming from poverty stricken areas.

I am not criticizing the authors who really can’t afford. But it seems most of them are ignorant enough.

Me and my stapler

Why Blog?

Everyone will definitely have one or more reasons to blog, unless you are from Stone Age:

  • Because it feels good when I am expressing my feelings, work, achievement, experiments.
  • So that I don’t need to remember this stuffs anymore.
  • I do that with a cause to help other people.
  • My wife left me and I am too ugly.
  • To pull out all my frustration and anger on my boss.
  • To stay connected with people I know.
  • Because its doomsday and if internet survives then the new human race may read about it and write boring history books for schools.
  • I know something and I really want to share it with everyone, because “Knowledge is Sharing”

How it helps?

  • Makes you happy, because sharing is always a moment to cherish.
  • Search for any topic on internet and you will see link at least one author blogging it on first page of search.
  • You acquire more knowledge on the related topic while blogging.
  • Makes your career, passion, hobby grow stronger.
  • Connect with other people with same interests.

Blogging is not effective when (I believe)

You start blogging with some blog site like Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad, Blogspot etc.

It is cool but have you ever given a thought how much is your information did you actually shared when you blog? It is very important to “Speak Audible”. If you want to write a personal diary or pink journal go and buy one from store and stop shitting on web.

Slumdog blogging – Using partial or non-capable measures and taking ignorant decisions to share your information.

In past few years I have observed that many of my friends and colleagues blog about stuffs. It makes me happy when I come to know that. But when I try to search for it, I find myself finding pin in elephant's butt.

I would suggest a branded blogging for everyone. Brand it, label it, and name whatever you share so it becomes easy for people to find it. I am not saying that any of the above blogging sites are not good enough but, with a bit of courage, pinch of confidence and right tools you can brand your information.

Domain and hosting cost money braww!!

Really? Gas is costly, buying drink for a beautiful chick is costly, processors, house, buying car is costly (at least in my country). Buying domain for yourself and tiny hosting enough for blogging is like buying movie tickets for you and your girlfriend or wife.

I brand my blog at ".in" domain – current price 200 Rs. – 299 Rs./yr.

Cheapest hosting may cost you between 59 Rs./month to 249 Rs./month.

Your practice may seems like this currently to someone who accidentally reaches there…


and they imagine you as….

Have people skills

Do not blog if you are doing this to your hard work.

Hosting and managing domain is so technical

Totally wrong, its opportunity to learn one more new thing. Pickup any hosting provider and they provide all the ways and support to make it happen. FAQ’s, knowledge base, Wikipedia, Google unless you are blind or you are actually lazy.

Brand blogging or no blogging is better than Slumdog blogging.

Note: Not animals, geeks, dead people were intended to be hurt during this act. The sole purpose of this saying is to motivate people of earth to blog better and share information in right way.