Story of Mr. Robert Adair and the herbal roots

Spams and scams are all over the web. You encounter them almost everyday in your mail box.

The email services tries to stay ahead of those spammers and sheild us well but sometimes these spam mails manage to land in your inbox.

Most of the time your get it - "Oh, thats a spam.. pfff" [Delete].

It happened to me too last week. Mr. Robert Adair from UK landed in my inbox with a business proposal that will make me rich.

The email -

Sub: details of my proposal‏‎

My Company (TEVA UK LIMITED) here in the U.K demanding for Herbal Roots called (Eluin herbal roots).
This (Eluin herbal roots) is combined with monosodium glutamate (MSG) for the production of a vaccine called HYALURONICŽInjectable
by this company and distributed as part of foreign aid to Countries in War and Refugee camps throughout the world under the
habilitation of the U.N (UNITED NATIONS WORLD WIDE) For the Treatment Of critical diseases like. Cancer, mycoplasma, Psysoriasis,
Prevention of HIV and other related Pathogenic viruses...Etc...

I Write To You concerning the Negotiation Of This Product over there In India Because I Need A Stable And Reliable Partner Who Will
Purchase The Product Out From The Producer ( Local farmer) In India At The normal price rate of( $1,800) Per packet Of 50 Grams As
It Is Been Sold By The local supplier In India, And Re-sell To The U.K Company here At The Rate Of Us($3,150.00) Dollars Per Same packet Of 50 Grams, as against($2,400.00) per a packet which we normally buy the products from the former middle man who has never kept to our sharing agreement. The over inflated profit that is added to it will be shared by both of us. That’s you will have 60% while 40% will be for me. This over inflated profit shall be calculated on the basis of the number of packets that you are able to supply us for purchase in any of our trip to India . I shall give to you my bank account details where you will send in my entitlement.
It Is An
Ayurvedic Product Without Any Content Of Nicotine In It. While Many Underdeveloped Countries Use Ayurvedic Products In its Raw Form,
it is being refined in The Western World Laboratories Before use. This Ayurvedic Herbal Root Is Not Illegal In Any Way To Any
Please Note that once made available, The Company Is Financially Capable of Flying down To Your Country (India) for purchase and
Payment of This Product from you.

My Proposal:
I will provide you with All Necessary guide lines And Information You Need for you To Do This Business Successfully on my behalf.
All You Need To Do Is To Stand As a Middleman. Between The Producer (local farmer) In Your Country And The U.K Company here (TEVA UK LIMITED) by Purchasing Out The Products And Supplying Without Allowing both Parties To Meet Or Have Each
Other's Contact.
I Personally Devised This Idea To Protect Future Transactions as It Will Also Be An Additional Business Opportunity Outside Your
Specialization. This Business Is very Lucrative Without Any Risk.

The Question Now Is!!!, How you can Convince Me on your part That I Am Going To Get My Own Percentage% On Any Transaction You Do
With The Company?. because i had a very bad experience before with my formal contact . If You Assure Me Of Your Reliability and honesty, I Will provide You with All Necessary guide lines And
Information Needed for you To carry out This Business Successfully on my behalf and make some profitable Commissions of your own
also, as I await your response.

Robert Adair

Thats was quite convincing, what - "I too want to be rich, and that was convincing" :).

So I started googling this so called "herbal root" (yeah, yeah laugh at me).
I didn't found anything on that with google so searched for Mr. Robert Adair UK.

Again didn't found anything convincing on that too but found Nikhil Baliga - talking about it. Thanks, I had fun reading the post and specially the comments.

It comes to my understanding that Mr. Laurence Graff also deals with this Mythical herbal roots. I decided to write back but with some spice to see if he continues -


Hey Robert,

Thanks for the proposal, sounds interesting and I definitely would like to be part of it.

Please provide me necessary guidelines and information to carry out this business successfully.

I also would like to share a few concerns and would like to inform you about my current state on the subject.
I had a similar conversation with Laurence Graff few months back and we have initiated a similar kind of business currently with TEVA UK LIMITED.

I am not sure if this will affect anything already going on with Laurence or you, also would clear things up and let you know that right now being middleman for Laurence I am selling the herbal roots at price of $5500 to the company representative and we have done this for 2 times till now. Your proposed price is too less, can we have a new raised price in this consideration.

My current deal with Laurence proves my honesty and reliability for the proposal.

Also would like to know if you already know Laurence or affiliated with him in any ways?

Awaiting for your response.


one week passed, no response. I will not be rich anymore :(

I hope everyone out there who reads this, understands that it is a scam / spam.
Spam, spam, spammity spam.

Please do not get involved into anything that can make your rich (sounds funny when I say it).